Private Library/Fiction

For the last couple of years I’ve been hard at work on fiction, including my recently completed novel “The Private Library,” a modern mystery/thriller with old-fashioned characters and an anachronistic twist. A Seattle antiquarian book dealer becomes enmeshed with a criminal conspiracy when he receives a box of books supposedly owned at one time by Sherlock Holmes. But since Holmes never existed, why are the books so valuable? And what does this have to do with an enigmatic Steampunk group known as The Council of the Hours?

If you’d like to read a sample chapter from the book, you can download a Word file here.

And speaking of Steampunk, I’ve become an aficionado of this fun artistic sub-genre, a stylish multidisciplinary arts movement that reimagines the world of Victorian science fiction as our present-day reality. I’ve written several Steampunk short stories, including an early experiment in serial publication you can read here on my blog, “The Boyproof Watch.”